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How We Will Work Together

As an integrative therapist working from a person centred core, I believe you are the expert on yourself and hold the answers to all your questions. But I also know it does not always feel that way – sometimes finding your way to those answers can feel incredibly challenging – even impossible. Sometimes - even when you know the way, having a trusted companion on the journey can make it a more meaningful and enjoyable experience.

I work with individuals and people in relationships of all kinds, who are experiencing difficulties or challenges - or who simply want regular time and support to work on their personal growth. I know there can be as many difficulties and stresses within adult child and parent relationships, between siblings - or friends and business partners, as there can between life partners, so I don't limit my relationship work to specific types of relationship. I am also a kink and LGBTQIA+ aware and positive counsellor. Finally, I  also offer support to businesses in implementing an 'EQ' or psychologically/emotionally informed approach to organisational change and transitions. 


I believe my role as your counsellor is to facilitate - to enable and support you to work with what is important to you. My integrative approach allows me to bring in elements and tools from different therapeutic models to meet your unique needs. I don't expect you to have any prior knowledge of therapy or how different therapeutic models work, but I do believe in full transparency and your right to make informed choices - so I will always talk to you about the different ways we could work together and answer any questions you may have. As the number of sessions we can have is unlimited, to practice ethically and be sure sessions continue to serve your best interests, we will regularly review what we have worked on and what you still want to work towards. You will always be in control of your goals and how we work together to reach them. During our first meeting, we will talk about how sessions work and I will give you a copy of CCC's client contract with full details, to read and sign before sessions begin.


Key commitments and core values

In accordance with my person-centred core approach, I believe all people are worthy of unconditional positive regard. It is my responsibility as a counsellor to meet you where you are in your life - and to do that I need to be aware of the different lived experiences and needs my clients may have. In Ceredigion, for example, an awareness of the farming community and its stresses is hugely important. CCC holds equality and inclusion as core values which require me to keep my awareness and knowledge of all the different communities I serve, accurate and current.


I will be sincere and honest but I will not impose my judgement, beliefs or personal values on my clients. For example, I am a neurodivergent therapist and I find the awareness my lived experience brings can be helpful to neurodiverse clients. However, while I may draw from my lived experience, if helpful, to make a space where you feel fully seen and heard, I am committed to setting my personal views and beliefs aside while I work with you. Sessions are a space and time where clients can feel safe to explore what is going on for them and use my support to discover their own ways of growing, problem solving, managing or working through difficult situations, times or trauma. For people who come to sessions for support with relationships, this may also include working on how you want to connect - or indeed separate, if that is the decision you make - in ways that are mutually satisfying, or at least acceptable for all parties.

Finally, I think it is really important to mention that it is always okay to say "This isn't for me."  Sometimes a particular way of working doesn't feel helpful or authentic for some clients. Sometimes a particular counsellor is not 'right' for a client - a connection does not form between them which is strong enough to support the work they have come to counselling for. I will always bring any feeling that this may be coming up, into our sessions - and equally, if you do not feel sessions are working for you for any reason, it is important that you honour that feeling and bring it into the room. Talking openly about this can often lead to better outcomes, whether that is within our therapeutic relationship - or by making a considered decision to move towards your goals in a different way.

Miriam Smith

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