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Miriam Smith, MBACP, MNCPS (ACC.) Dip. Couns BA (Hons.) & Cwnsela Calon Cryf Counselling Practice

Pam yma, pwy?...a ble? Why here – who?...and where?

I am a qualified integrative counsellor and a registered member of the BACP and NCPS and I practice in accordance within both the BACP ethical framework and NCPS Code of Ethics. I realised that supporting people in this way was what I wanted to do after a career which ranged from head chef to adjudicator for the Financial Ombudsman, in many different parts of the UK. Throughout my life, everywhere I have lived and worked, I have seen that connection and relationship with each other and the world around us is as vital to human happiness and ability to thrive, as eating and drinking. Without healthy connection to people around us and the natural world, it can feel as if we are lost - at sea in our life - without anchor or map. As a counsellor, I offer support to anyone struggling to navigate difficult issues or events in their life – or who wants to understand themselves better and grow to their full potential.

I work relationally, in a trauma informed way. Practically, this means I will work with you as a whole person, paying attention to all the parts of your experience - physical, mental, emotional and social/environmental - to support you to work with whatever issues you bring. As a trauma informed practitioner, I know most people have experienced trauma in their lives, although they may not always think of it like that. I use a phased approach when working with clients who have experienced potentially traumatic experiences, to safely work towards goals, without risking re-traumatisation.


I will warmly welcome and accept you unconditionally – and I will step into your world to understand and appreciate your perspective. I will always offer you honesty and transparency. I am trained to support people in a wide range of situations and to cope with issues like: 

  • Anxiety,

  • Depression,

  • Self esteem,

  • Confidence and assertiveness,

  • Relationship and sexual difficulties, 

  • The impact of discrimination or minority stress,

  • Living with the effects of trauma, 

  • Life changes like bereavement, divorce, redundancy, unemployment, or children leaving home.


I believe that, despite having needs we all share, human beings are unique: infinitely varied and complex, so no single specific approach will be suitable for all clients and all situations. By working integratively I can blend different theoretical frameworks and their methods to your individual needs and circumstances, while a strong therapeutic relationship bridges differences between theories. This offers a flexible and effective way of working with different clients from diverse individual circumstances. I am committed to the concept – supported by the body of research - that it is the relationship that heals (Yalom) – so how well we connect and relate to each other will determine the success of our work together.

Alongside my practice, I work with a charity supporting victims of sexual violence in Wales and have 3 years’ experience of working with adults in Wales who are living with the impact of trauma.


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