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Humans have grown and developed so much from humble beginnings – always reaching out for more knowledge, more ways to live longer and more easily – prizing our ability to be independent, individuals. Along the way, many of us have somehow lost sight of our need to ‘live better’ - the skills needed to live fully in each present moment, stay connected with families, friendships - communities and our natural surroundings. Sometimes this realisation can lead to a rejection of all that is ‘new’ or ‘modern’ – fuelling a ‘return to earth’. Or a longing we often hear expressed: a wish for ‘the good old days’ - maybe more rose tinted than reality – but perhaps shorthand for a longing for connection we lack in our modern lives? Despite not wanting to give up the conveniences and advantages of modern life we’ve gained - or go back to the less pleasant aspects of life in  communities in our past.

​What if we could have it all? What if we could learn how to acknowledge, honour and respect ALL the parts of our selves? Our abilities to learn, observe, measure, analyse and invent - AND our abilities to create stories, beauty, music, connect and communicate with each other, tell stories, sing songs? What if we could grow our lives and loves - within and out of - our communities and surroundings, intentionally and deliberately?

I believe we can. And what is more, I think we can do it in our own unique way - from wherever we are right now. I hope to meet you there - and together, explore and plan how you want to live and experience your ‘one wild and precious life’.

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