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The name Calon Cryf, or strong heart, was inspired by a favourite childhood song - Calon Lan.  For me this song evokes feelings of home and the Ceredigion landscape. Calon Cryf is the strong heart - the resilience we all have the power to discover within us and nurture.

Cysylltiad, cynefin and cefnogaeth are key principles of my practice and represent the resources CCC aims to offer clients. Genuine connection with someone real and caring, in a space which can become your own - familiar and comforting - to get the support and information you need to work on whatever you want to bring to your sessions.

CCC is based in Llanddewi Brefi in Ceredigion, a beautiful area of historical, cultural and natural significance and richness which I feel privileged to have been born in. It is a large part of my mission to  serve this community, which means so much to me, in all its uniquely diverse populations, history and traditions. After working in different parts of the UK for many years, I have lost fluency and am not yet able to offer sessions in Welsh. However, I continue to improve my standard of spoken Welsh and aim to offer this important option at some point in the future.

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